The Tour of the Pyrenees

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A Grand Tour of the Pyrenees - 8 days/8 nights (2 nights in Spain)

9-Le-plus-beau-tour-des-Pyrenees.jpg The Tour of the Pyrenees

Panoramic mountain passes, spectacular Cirques, deep and dramatic canyons, sparkling mountain lakes, picturesque mountain villages, such delights follow one after the other in this circuit at the heart of the Pyrenees with its World Heritage sites.

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From 717 € /person Based on 2 persons

  • 8 days/8 nights in 3 and 4 star hotels, with breakfasts included, and in chalet / mountain refuge half board
  • 1 Grands Sites pass to Pic du Midi (access to summit by cable car) + Cauterets-Pont d’Espagne (parking, cable-car ride from Puntas and chairlift to Lac de Gaube)
  • 1 entry (2h) to 2 spa centres of the Hautes-Pyrenees: Balnéa, Les Bains du Rocher with indoor baths, outdoor lagoon, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi....
  • 1 entry to the Pyrenees Animal Park

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The strengths

  • A Franco - Spanish itinerary, a very different cross frontier ambience
  • A detailed itinerary for independent exploration
  • All reserved in advance
  • Varied programme with lovely moments of relaxation

Day 1:


For this first day you will leap straight into some dramatic scenery... on the border crossing, and the spectacular cols of the Soulor, Aubisque and the Pourtalet, it is a great introduction to the Pyrenees. You will discover your first Pyrenean marvel, the Monastery of San Juan de la Peña.

Lourdes > Col du Pourtalet (Spain) : 88 km/1 h 57
Jaca > San Juan de la Peña Monastery (via Bernués) : 38 km/1 h
Jaca > San Juan de la Peña Monastery (via Santa Cruz de la Serós) : 13 km/16 mins

Day 2:

Jaca/Ordesa Canyon/Ainsa

After having admired it from afar, from the balcony of the Pyrenees, today you will enter into the very heart of the canyon, whose immense sheer walls remind one of the Grand Canyon in Colorado. Together with the Gavarnie-Monte Perdido range it is a World Heritage site, once you have feasted your eyes on its magnificent and colossal beauty one can see why. Gavarnie and Ordesa, on opposite sides of the same mountain are the two most spectacular sites of the whole range.

Jaca > Torla (Ordesa Canyon) : 57 km/1 h 05
Torla > Ainsa : 44 km/54 mins

Day 3:

Ainsa/The Añisclo Canyon/Saint-Lary

After visiting the famous and grandiose Ordesa canyon you will now enter the wilder and equally magnificent Añisclo canyon. You can even swim in the fabulous torquoise pools of the rio. Your route then continues into France by the Aragnouet-Bielsa tunnel.

Ainsa > Escalona (the Añisclo canyon) : 11 km/12 mins
Añisclo canyon loop : 34 km/59 mins
Escalona > Saint-Lary : 56 km/1 h 03

Day 4:

Saint-Lary/Balnea/Pic du Midi/Luz Saint Sauveur

Today we suggest you take to the naturally warm healing waters of the Pyrenees in the sublime outdoor lagoons of Balnéa, with its magnificent setting – a superb view over the surrounding summits. Once the batteries are recharged it is time to set off to conquer the Pic du Midi, reached by crossing the Col d’Aspin. Then it is over the famous Col du Tourmalet to spend the nightat the Empress Eugenie’s favourite destination of Luz-Saint-Sauveur.

Saint-Lary > Balnéa (Loudenvielle) : 21 km/32 mins
Balnéa (Loudenvielle) > Pic du Midi : 52 km/1 h 12
Pic du Midi > Luz-Saint-Sauveur : 24 km /31 mins

Day 5:

Luz Saint Sauveur/Gavarnie

Today is the day for the big show! With a ticket to meet a world famous celebrity - the Cirque de Gavarnie. It will be a day full of emotion. The cirque is one of the great natural wonders, its immensity is staggering, everybody can only stare in admiration and feel humbled by its enormity and great beauty.

Luz-Saint-Sauveur > Gavarnie : 19 km/30 mins
Gavarnie > Cirque de Troumouse : 19km / 29mins

Day 6:

Gavarnie/Cauterets Pont d'Espagne

Probably still dizzy from yesterday’s grandiose spectacle? Well, it is already time to leave, towards even more new encounters but this time gentler and harmonious. We are heading to Cauterets and Pont d’Espagne, the Garden of Eden of the Pyrénées!
Relaxation at the Bains de Rocher spa centre!

Gavarnie > Cauterets : 50 km/1 h 18

Day 7:


To conclude our voyage, we invite you to take part today in an exclusive and personnal experience. Head to Lourdes and its magical torchlight procession. But for the moment this is for later in the day this. Firstly, we are going to make a gastronomic stop with the Saint-Martin family in Saint-Savin. We also recommend a visit to the Parc Animalier des Pyrénées, the local wildlife zoo on the outskirts of Argelès-Gazost.

Cauterets > Saint-Savin : 14 km/23 mins
Saint-Savin > Lourdes : 16 km/20 mins

Day 8:


Before you leave the Pyrenees we suggest you rest a while in Lourdes to see its astonishing funicular railway, the castle and its lovely lake.

in 3 and 4 star hotels and chalet / mountain refuge


On the Santiago de Compostella route

Almost hidden in the forest and perched on an enormous rocky outcrop, the Monastery of San Juan de la Pena is an important stop on the route to Santiago de Compostella.


A World Heritage site

The Ordesa is often called the Grand Canyon of the Pyrenees, it is immense. Just across the border is the Cirque de Gavarnie, together the two sides of the mountain form the Gavarnie - Mont Perdu World Heritage site.


The wild side of Spain

Wilder than the Ordesa canyon, the Anisclo offers a magnificent adventure into a gigantic natural fault with a superb view over Mont Perdu. Do take a dip in the sublime natural pools of the rios.


The largest spa centre in the French Pyrenees

Set on the edge of the Loudenvielle lake, in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Hautes Pyrenees, Balnea proposes spa experiences from all over the world in its healing warm waters.


The lakes route

The scenery is exceptional. A magnificent contrast of sharp granite summits which tower over a landscape of gentle green lawns, the area is home to the extraordinary mountain pine and has over 70 lakes, of all shades from tourquoise to the deepest of blue.


The summit

Climb over a thousand metres in just 15 minutes, the cable-car takes the strain. Once at the top the panoramic terraces over the best view in France, a fabulous 360 degree panorama covering over 300 kms. One can also spend the night or an evening at the top.


A World Heritage site

Five and a half kilometres in diameter, walls 1500 m high, dozens of waterfalls, impressive statistics for this wonder of nature. A natural colossus that must be seen, it adjoins the Spanish canyons.


Walking through paradise

Situated in the heart of the Pyrenees National Park, the Cauterets Pont d'Espagne area is a veritable Garden of Eden with fantastic walks for all levels. A cable-car takes you up to the sublime Lac de Gaube with its deep blue waters.


The torchlight procession

Each evening thousands of pilgrims and visitors gather to walk in procession from the Grotte des Apparitions to the Rosaire esplanade, all are bearing torches and all are singing. It is a moving sight, joyous and magical.

  • From 717 € /person -
  • Based on 2 persons

The price includes

8 nights in 3 and 4 star hotels, with breakfasts included, and in chalet / mountain refuge half board - 1 entry (2h) to Balnéa spa - 1 ‘Grands Sites’ pass for the Pic du Midi and Cauterets-Pont d’Espagne - 1 entry (2h) to Les Bains du Rocher spa - 1 entry to the Pyrenees Animal Park - Booking fee.

The price does not include

Cancellation insurance - Lunches - Local taxes.


Spring Summer Autumn 2022

You need a hire car

For all our itinerant voyages and Road Trips we can organise car rental.

Good places for lunch and dinner

From gastronomic restaurants to typical local cuisine, there is something for every taste. With a fine blend of the flavours of the south and many mountain specialities the Hautes Pyrenees offers a varied range of restaurants. Full of flavour and colour - confit de canard, foie gras, garbure... ask the chef , he will certainly have his own local speciality for you to try.