Co&zion - Rallye Photo au Pic du Jer

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Du 01/05/2023 au 30/09/2023
Environment - Nature and relaxation - Rally - Tour organized by OT

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Co&zion - Rallye Photo au Pic du Jer

59 avenue Francis Lagardère






Take to the heights of the Pic du Jer and enjoy a magnificent setting for a walking photo rally!

Once you've formed your teams, use a roadbook to explore the paths of the Pic du Jer and complete the various tasks assigned to you.

You'll need to help each other out, be well organised and keep a close eye on things to strengthen the bonds between the participants step by step.

The length of the tour may vary depending on your walking pace and your observation skills.

Meet up every Monday afternoon in the summer or the mornings of the last Wednesday of the month (May/June/September), by reservation only, using the contact details below!

Prices (including funicular ride and photo rally) :
- adult: €20
- family (2 adults + 1 child): €49