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Cauterets - Pont d’Espagne - the heart of the Pyrenees National Park

Cauterets - Pont d'Espagne


Dense forests, waterfalls, rushing streams, mountain lakes, flower filled meadows...

From the village of Cauterets a number of very pleasant footpaths offer the visitor the possibility of escaping into the middle of a remarkable natural world - dense forests, waterfalls, rushing streams, mountain lakes, flower filled meadows. There is much flora and fauna to be observed, look out for the Isard, which is heavily protected here. Despite its distance from the Spanish border Pont d’Espagne owes its name to the fact that it is on an ancient mule route across the border. It is a remarkable site of a great natural beauty and is one of the most visited in the Pyrenees.

Practical info : One can discover the site on foot or by cable car and chair lift. Regular bus shuttle from Cauterets village or car parking at Puntas.

To discover at Cauterets Pont d’Espagne

- Access to Pont d’Espagne. Access is by a good road from Cauterets with ample parking. In the very heart of the National Park it is not uncommon to see Isard and Marmots. Take a walk along the banks of the many mountain streams, take in the wonderful scenery from the shade of a mountain pine.

- The Puntas and Lac de Gaube cable cars. Both give access to Lac de Gaube which during the last century so inspired the greatest French poets (Victor Hugo, Baudelaire), who came to admire this majestic place, dominated by the Vignemale and its eternal snows.