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A corner of paradise in Gavarnie


You are in the very centre of a magnificent natural arena, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is facing the famous Cirque de Gavarnie where you establish your base camp. It is a unique form of accommodation to go with the unique site - a teepee. Your family will adore exploring the many trails, all easily accessed and way-marked ; into Spain, the Breche de Roland, to the great waterfall at Gavarnie, then thrilling descents on the bobsleigh run at Gedre.

On the map

From 254 € /family Based on 2 adults + 2 children

  • 2 days/2 nights staying in a teepee
  • 10 bobsleigh descents
  • Independent walks: discovery walks from the Col des Tentes to the Port de Boucharou, trail to the Breche de Roland refuge, trail to the Cirque de Gavarnie and the Grande Cascade. Easy level of walks, 200 m maximum height gain.

Contact Julie
to book this holiday package or receive informations

By mail By phone 33 (0)5 62 56 70 00

The strengths

  • Unique accommodation, spectacular views
  • Easy footpaths to the Spanish frontier
  • Information boards on local history and legends

A holiday staying in a unique type of accommodation, a superb setting, surrounded by woodland and teeming with wildlife...
The Cirque de Gavarnie, a World Heritage site is one of Europe's great natural spectacles. Wherever you walk the views are astounding, all on easy way-marked trails. All will be captivated by the great waterfall with its enormous 422 meters of drop, the highest in Europe!
You will also love the Cirque de Troumouse, the Cirque d'Estaube with its many marmots or the Saugue plateau for the magnificent view over Gavarnie, and the walk towards the Breche de Roland.
There is an easy path which takes you to the Spanish border, it starts at the Col des Tentes and leads you towards the Port de Boucharou. Over the kilometer and a half of its length the panoramas are just breathtaking over the 16 summits of more than 3000 m which encircle the Cique de Gavarnie.
And to finish great fun at the bobsleigh run in Gedre.

Your unique accommodation

Tepees were the traditional dwellings of American Indians for many centuries. They were their place of meditation, summer homes and rooms for invited guests. Many architects consider the teepee to be the best ventilated and the most ecological form of accommodation. These four teepees are used in the summer, come and spend a fabulous time with the family, with friends, to celebrate a birthday... the setting is superb, surrounded by woodland and teeming with wildlife, closer by are sheep and goats and there is a fabulous view over the Cirque de Gavarnie.

These indian decorated teepees comprise :

Two 140 cs double beds, one double sofa bed, one duvet and two pillows are provided
Small table with child chairs
The teepee has electric lighting and sockets, storage space.
Animals are accepted but must be kept on a lead.


The most famous and the most spectacular natural cirque...
50 million years ago in the Pyrenees water and glacial erosion created a number of natural ‘cirques’ with a remarkable perfection. Gavarnie is the most famous and the most spectacular. With 16 summits of over 3000 metres and the highest waterfall in Europe it possesses a magnificent beauty.
The natural spectacle it offers is remarkable. This once hidden area «resembles nothing that is found anywhere else» wrote Victor Hugo. Adjoining the great canyons of Aragon in Spain it is part of the «Gavarnie - Mont Perdu» World Heritage site.

You will adore

- Access to the Cirque de Gavarnie. Classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site Gavarnie is the most famous natural arena in the world. From Gavarnie village the view to the Cirque is breathtaking. An easy footpath which can be followed on foot or horseback leads to the Hotellerie at the Cirque, at the foot of the walls which reach over 3000m and close to the Grande Cascade, the waterfall has a drop of 432 metres.
- Access to the Cirque de Troumouse. Gavarnie’s neighbour, adjoining Mont Perdu, Troumouse is equally a UNESCO World Heritage site. Having a diameter of 6 km Troumouse is the largest. The statue of the virgin which dominates the Cirque offers an easy walk and gives a fine perspective over the Cirque.
- Visit to Millaris. The Cirques Information centre. This information centre and museum offers a complete panoramic history of the glaciated Cirques of Gavarnie, Troumouse and Estaubé : a discovery of mythical landscapes, the importance of water, agriculture, pastoralism, and also the World Heritage Sites.

  • From 254 € /family -
  • Based on 2 adults + 2 children

The price includes

2 nights in a teepee - Hire of bedlinen - Electricity - 10 descents on the bobsleigh run - Local taxes - Booking fee.

The price does not include

Security deposit (€100) - Cancellation insurance.


Spring Summer Autumn 2017
From May to September

The Gavarnie cirque:

Gavarnie is a glacier cirque of rare perfection and impressive beauty. 5.5 km wide with vertical walls 1,500 m high and hundreds of waterfalls, it is unique in the world. Leaning against the Spanish Haut-Aragon grand canyons, together they form the “Gavarnie Mont-Perdu” site, a sacred mountain on Unesco’s World Heritage Site list. Wherever you walk the views are astounding, all on easy way-marked trails. Three options for discovering this exceptional place - on foot, on horseback or with a donkey.

The Troumouse cirque:

The road leads directly to the Troumouse cirque, extraordinary, the Goliath of cirques, even vaster than Gavarnie. Raymond de Carbonnières, the illustrious, 18th century explorer estimated that it could hold 10 million men! Another curiosty: the plain which stretches from it is strangely flat. A prairie marmot paradise!

The Estaube cirque:

Descend Troumouse, take the road to Gloriettes lake. After a short hour’s walk, the Estaube cirque - a land of stone and lichen - another planet, almost lunar.

The discovery pathway between the Tentes and Boucharo passes:

An easy walk on an almost flat panoromic path. The view over the 3,000 peaks which surround the Gavarnie cirque is staggering. The 1km discovery path has signs which explain the site’s amazing geology, history and legends.

The Breche de Roland:

A 2 hour walk with sturdy shoes from the Boucharo pass and you arrive at the Breche de Roland refuge (refuge des Sarradets). It takes another hour to reach the Breche but the view from the refuge is spectacular.

Notre Dame des Neiges:

A short, barely 20min walk to reach Notre Dame des Neiges where there is a beautiful view over the village of Gavarnie and its cirque as well as the Vignemale massif and the famous Ossou glacier, the most important in the Pyrenees.

A unique camping experience

The pool complex in Gedre has two south-facing swimming pools, one of which is for children, and a water slide.