ANNULE : Journées du Reportage de Bourisp

  • The Aure Valley
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Du 02/07/2020 au 26/07/2020
Cultural - Exhibition

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ANNULE : Journées du Reportage de Bourisp



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The « Journées du Reportage » (JDR) are a gallery of large format photos exhibited in the streets and some courtyards. This year, 300 pictures coming from 17 reports will be displayed! The originality of this project lies first and foremost in the fact that all pictures are taken by professional or amateur photojournalists. Each collection of photo presented tells a story, brings a record, conveys a message that the author wants to share. This year, the JDR will be international thanks to a Syrian journalist, two English reporters, a Spanish and a Canadian photographers. Many photojournalists will be there during the 10 days of the event to explain to the public the techniques of reporting, the risks of this profession, or the art of photography and it use. This event is also an opportunity to promote the village, its life and activities. The inhabitants removed the dust on their family photo albums to expose them along the gallery. The JDR will take place with the support of Party Comity in association with “les Amis du vieux Bourisp”, the “Pays d’Art et d’Histoire des vallées d’Aure et du Louron”, in partnership with BarrObjectif (Charente) and the cultural association “Peleyre” of Maubourguet. This is how a small village of 163 inhabitants, located at the end of the Aure Valley at the bottom of Lustou will transform for 10 days in an open gallery for the Journées du Reportage. This village is BOURISP!

Objectives: To promote and highlight artistic and cultural activities, especially the visual arts. To raise public awareness, including schoolchildren, about photo reporting. To allow access and facilitate the participation of the citizens of a small mountain village in photographic culture. To make visitors discover (or rediscover) the built heritage, organization and activities of a rural village in the mountains. To allow also young (or less young) photo-reporters to exhibit their work, to make known their job and their passion.