"Au revoir" daily routine

  • The Nistos valley
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Take a break away from the daily routine


In a bucolic setting you will enjoy some wonderful discoveries. Better than Ali Baba's caves! Enter the mysterious Gargas cave network, learn so much at the Nestplori digital museum, visit the classified site of St Bertrand de Comminges, not forgetting the pleasures of the palate at the traditional cheese-maker. So say "au revoir" to the daily routine, here you could not be further away.

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From 264 € /family Based on 2 adults + 2 children

  • 2 days/2 nights in a 3 star Gites de France chambre d'hotes, B & B
  • A family pass for the Gargas caves and the Nesplori digital pre-history museum
  • Visit to a cheese-maker
  • Walk at St Bertrand de Comminges, one of the Midi-Pyrenees Grand Sites

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to book this holiday package or receive informations

By mail By phone 33 (0)5 62 56 70 00

The strengths

  • The visit to the world famous Gargas cave network
  • Nesplori@ the digital age to pre-history
  • Your host Jerome a passionate and dedicated cheese-maker

2 days to escape the daily routine, relax, spend some quality time with the family, enjoy the moment... leave with the batteries re-charged and a head full of lovely memories and laughter...

The Gargas Cave Network

27 thousand years ago stone age hunters lived around the Gargas caves where they left many reminders of their presence. During the visit you can admire the secret art of the hunters with numerous engravings and paintings of animals. You will also discover the enigmatic collection of 200 paintings of hands, all with missing fingers! They remain a mystery to this day to historians... Gargas is a fragile and ancient site so to ensure a proper conservation of the paintings the number of visitors is limited. It is essential to book your visit by phone. Since 2003 the site has undergone a transformation to offer both an enjoyable visit whilst conserving the precious art. An exceptional lighting system using fibre optic and new commentaries allow the visitor to discover the caves in the best possible way.

Nestplori@, the digital pre-history mueum

An innovative museum which uses state of the art digital technology to help the visitor discover the pre-historical age of the Gargas caves in Aventignan. Hunters have left many evidence of the presence. Engravings, paintings, a mysterious collection of painted hands with missing fingers, historians are still trying to understand them... the digital museum will help you unlock many secrets of this exceptional site. By following a fascinating interactive trail you can immerse yourself in pre-history, discover the hands sanctuary (not open to the public) - participate and discover the the many engravings of animals. At an interactive station you can study the painted hands, learn about the conservation and how the caves are protected, and even leave behind a virtual imprint of your own hand.


You must visit the imposing Gothic Roman catherdral (12th - 15th century) of Saint Bertrand de Comminges, it is an important halt on the Santiago de Compostella pilgrimage route. Admire the Roman porch and narthex (12th century), the sculpted prayer stalls, the Renaissance stained glass, the organ chamber (16th century), the cathedral treasures and the Roman cloisters (12th century). The village itself is perched high on a hill with steep narrow streets.

Chambre d'hotes, Gite de France 3 epis

The white and blue walls of this chambre d'hotes will attract your attention. Located at the heart of the charming village of Nistos, the house faces the Great Oak, planted more than 400 years ago. Towards the horizon the Pyrenees look majestic. The building forms part of an agricultural building specialising in cheese making. You can even make your own cheese with a little help from the cheese maker and sample many other farm products. The rooms are organised around the courtyard, the armchairs under the canopy are very inviting. The rooms are decorated in mouthwatering colours, aniseed and chocolate, cream and raspberry, the large windows let in a soft and gentle light. The same harmony is found in the materials, forged metal for some rooms, wood for others… Each evening there is the pleasure of sharing a lovely dinner. You can even order a gourmet picnic for the next day : ice-box, cutlery, water, wine, bread, pate, sausage, cheese…

Your chambre d’hotes:

Has 5 rooms, each for 2 persons, a lounge with large bay windows, a reading and TV area, a courtyard and private parking.
Animals are not accepted.

Your ‘La Coumette’ room for 2 persons (16m²):

1 x 160 cms bed
Bathroom with shower, washbasin and towel dryer
Separate toilets

Your ‘Féria’ room for 2 persons (16m²):

1 x 160 cms bed
Bathroom with shower, washbasin and towel dryer
Separate toilets

Le Nistos

With its superb natural setting a visit here will take you back in time, all the way from the digital age to prehistoric times. Take a walk up Monte Erge or a stroll to the Calvaire du Mont Ares... Visit the Gargas caves, famous throughout the world due to the wall paintings of over 200 hands, all with missing fingers, nobody has ever understood why. Visit also the brand new digitalised Interpretation Centre, the Pic du Midi motorway halt to try the Pentascope, or a break the Maison de Savoir, innovative and welcoming.

You will adore

- Gargas, the cave network with its mysterious hand paintings and the new Interpretation Centre
- An original walk to the Calvaire du Mont Ares with its 12 chapels, or the walk up Mont Erge
- The Pentascope of the Pic du Midi at the A64 motorway halt of the same name, where you can watch the films 'Guetteurs d'etoiles' which tells the story of the first pioneers at the Pic
- The convivial cafe in the village of Aneres with entertainments on the 22nd of each month
- The proximity to Toulouse, la ville rose.

  • From 264 € /family -
  • Based on 2 adults + 2 children

The price includes

2 nights in a 3 star Gites de France chambre d'hotes, B & B - 1 family pass for the Gargas caves and the Nesplori@ museum, the digital interpretation centre for the caves and pre-history - Visit to the cheese-maker - Booking fee.

The price does not include

Local taxes - Drinks - Personal expenses - Cancellation insurance – Visit of Saint-Bertrand de Comminges


All year

Exporing pre-history:

At Nesplori@ your children can discover archeology with the interactive exhibition. Equipped with small brushes, a trowel and a bucket they must uncover the remains of a prehistoric camp and lead a scientific study on the history of the site and its inhabitants. It is real experience for all the family and you will need all your detective skills.

Some lovely walks

Make the most of your time here by taking a walk to Mont Erge and a stroll around the Aventignan lake.

A lovely swim at Ocybelles:

A magnificent natural open air swimming pool in the protected and verdant setting of Nistos. Whether you come for a swim or to simply enjoy the setting with a little sunbathing, a picnic or maybe some sport, the site has everything for all tastes.